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About Us

The ArthritisBC+Me portal is designed to help BC patients learn about the arthritis programs and resources best suited to their needs in the province and make connections with others in the BC arthritis community. Powered by community partners and funded by committed sponsors, the ArthritisBC+Me portal enables BC patients to stay informed about the latest news and research about arthritis prevention and treatment options. Over the past 12 months, the ArthritisBC+Me portal has received grants–in-aid from: Amgen Canada, Arthritis Consumer Experts, Arthritis Research Canada, Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada, Celgene, Eli Lilly Canada, Mary Pack Arthritis Program, Merck Canada, Novartis, Pfizer Canada, and UCB Canada. The ArthritisBC+Me portal is powered by arthritis community partners in B. C.

Arthritis Consumer Experts

Arthritis Consumer Experts is Canada’s largest patient-led organization that provides free, science-based information and education programs in both official languages to people with arthritis. ACE provides Canadians with arthritis the current news on research and disease and treatment information to help them take control of their disease, and change their arthritis experience for the better. Founded in 2000 and led by people with arthritis and an expert research, clinical and consumer advisory board, ACE also actively advocates on arthritis policy issues, through its JointHealth™ family of programs and the Arthritis Broadcast Network. ACE reaches 150,000 people six to eight times each month with its information and education programs.

Arthritis Research Canada

Arthritis Research Canada was created in 2000 in recognition of the tremendous potential that research can bring to arthritis treatment in Canada and, indeed, the world. Building a strong multi-disciplinary research team of outstanding medical doctors and research scientists, Arthritis Research Canada has facilities in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec dedicated to understanding, advancing and sharing knowledge about the causes of arthritis, and addressing issues that are impacting people with arthritis right now.

The BC Society of Rheumatologists

The BC Society of Rheumatologists is the professional organization that represents rheumatologists in the Province of British Columbia and strives to promote the highest standards of arthritis care through physician leadership.

Mary Pack Arthritis Program

The Mary Pack Arthritis Program has over 65 years of experience providing service for people with arthritis. The Mary Pack Arthritis Program is a Vancouver Coastal Health-run program that offers clinics (physician referral required) and classes to help people with osteoarthritis and inflammatory arthritis manage their disease. This program has locations in Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton and Cranbrook, as well as outreach services to more than 30 BC communities.


The OsteoArthritis Service Integration System (OASIS) is a program that helps people with osteoarthritis self-manage their condition. OASIS connects people who have osteoarthritis, their families and health care providers with information, education and support to live well at every stage of the disease. The OASIS team is made up of many professionals, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, registered nurses and dietitians.

The Arthritis Society

Dedicated to a vision of living well while creating a future without arthritis, The Arthritis Society is Canada’s principal health charity providing education, programs and support to the over 4.6 million Canadians living with Arthritis. Since its founding in 1948, The Society has been the largest non-government funder of Arthritis research in Canada, investing over $195 million in projects that have led to breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with Arthritis.